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#6 – Stranger in a Strange Land Review – Robert Heinlein

Summary | Quotes | Buy Few books deserve the title of “Cult Classic” more than Robert Heinlein’s 1961 novel about a Martian-raised human who returns to earth and ends up transforming human culture in profound ways. Although it started out … Continue reading

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#10 – Starship Troopers Summary – Robert Heinlein

Summary | Review | Quotes | Buy This is the first book on the list that could legitimately be classified as “Military Science Fiction,” in that it examines the nature of war, conflict and military service in the future (usually … Continue reading

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#78 – Have Space Suit, Will Travel Review – Robert Heinlein

Summary | Review | Buy A lot of science fiction novels have a tendency to get bogged down in weighty themes, big ideas and serious, brooding characters – which is why the occasional book that throws a little humor and … Continue reading

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