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#49 – Flowers for Algernon Review – Daniel Keyes

Summary | Review | Buy Flowers for Algernon is Daniel Keyes most famous novel and one that continues to challenge and inspire readers of all ages. Told through the eyes and words of a mentally retarded man named Charlie Gordon, the … Continue reading

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#51 – The Diamond Age Summary – Neal Stephenson

Summary | Review | Buy While it’s not as groundbreaking or as instantly gripping as his breakthrough novel Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age is nevertheless a fascinating tale that melds a tender coming-of-age story to a future in … Continue reading

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#52 – The End of Eternity Review – Isaac Asimov

Time travel is an idea that has been examined by science fiction writers for almost as long as the genre has existed. Whether it’s being used to provide a shocking glimpse into the far future of humanity (as in H.G. … Continue reading

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#66 – The City and the Stars Review – Arthur C Clarke

Summary | Review | Buy While Arthur C. Clarke’s first novel, The City and the Stars, may not be as instantly memorable or critically celebrated as some of his later works, it does give us a tantalizing glimpse into the groundbreaking talent … Continue reading

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#96 – City Review – Clifford Simak

Summary | Review | Buy I came across Clifford Simak’s CITY unexpectedly while on my honeymoon in Greece. After browsing around one of the coolest book stores I’ve ever been to (Atlantis Books on the Greek Island of Oia), I … Continue reading

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