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#76 – Ilium Review – Dan Simmons

Summary | Review | Buy No other author that I know of is better at infusing Science Fiction with elements of classic literature and epic storytelling than Dan Simmons. Where other writers are content to work within the confines of … Continue reading

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#94 – Cities in Flight – James Blish

A lot of science fiction stories claim to be epic in scope. But few come close to the size and spectacle of James Blish’s Cities in Flight.┬áBeginning in the near future and culminating in the destruction of the known universe, … Continue reading

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#96 – City Review – Clifford Simak

Summary | Review | Buy I came across Clifford Simak’s CITY unexpectedly while on my honeymoon in Greece. After browsing around one of the coolest book stores I’ve ever been to (Atlantis Books on the Greek Island of Oia), I … Continue reading

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