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#2 – Dune Review – Frank Herbert

Summary | Review | Quotes | Buy Few books on this list have had a bigger cultural impact than Frank Herbert’s 1965 masterpiece. Often cited as the best selling science fiction novel of all time (over 10 million copies sold), … Continue reading

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#3 – Foundation Review – Isaac Asimov

Summary | Review | Quotes | Buy I have to admit, when I first read Foundation (probably sometime around age 15), I didn’t really understand much of what was going on. I remember reading it partly because it was supposed to be … Continue reading

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#16 – The Time Machine Review – H.G. Wells

Summary | Review | Buy Although it clocks in at less than 150 pages long, H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine is still one of the most influential Science Fiction novels ever written. Not only was it the first book to … Continue reading

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#18 – Childhood’s End Review – Arthur C. Clarke

Summary | Review | Buy Childhood’s End shares many similarities with Clarke’s first novel on this list, 2001, in that it describes a jump in human evolution brought about by an advanced alien species. But while the aliens of 2001 … Continue reading

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#21 – The Forever War Review – Joe Haldeman

Summary | Review | Buy Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War is a worthy counterpoint to the military Science Fiction of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. But while both deal with the logistical challenges and emotional effects of fighting a war in outer … Continue reading

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#33 – Lord of Light Review – Roger Zelazny

Summary | Review | Buy I wanted to like this book, I really did. Check out that sweet cover of the glowing florescent Buddha! Science Fiction mixed with Hindu mythology and Buddhist mysticism? Sign me up. A world where humans … Continue reading

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#45 – Time Enough for Love Review – Robert Heinlein

Summary | Review | Buy Lazarus Long (aka Woodrow Wilson Smith) has to be one of the most fascinating characters ever to come out of the science fiction genre. In Heinlein’s hands, Lazarus is the ultimate rugged individualist; a man … Continue reading

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#48 – A Canticle for Leibowitz Review – Walter M. Miller

Summary | Review | Buy Science Fiction has always had a tenuous relationship with religion and religious themes in general. Most Sci-Fi books are set in technologically advanced societies and civilizations that have outgrown the need for religion or at … Continue reading

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#52 – The End of Eternity Review – Isaac Asimov

Time travel is an idea that has been examined by science fiction writers for almost as long as the genre has existed. Whether it’s being used to provide a shocking glimpse into the far future of humanity (as in H.G. … Continue reading

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#66 – The City and the Stars Review – Arthur C Clarke

Summary | Review | Buy While Arthur C. Clarke’s first novel, The City and the Stars, may not be as instantly memorable or critically celebrated as some of his later works, it does give us a tantalizing glimpse into the groundbreaking talent … Continue reading

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